DAQA Playgrounds – Company Website

Our team is very pleased to present you with the newly designed website for Daqa Playgrounds, the leading company for playground products in Kosovo. They’ve built amazing recreational spaces for clients like CocaCola, BurgerKing, and Hib Petrol.

We created Daqa’s website with a simple and clean design that represents their products and services, which are made for kids and people of all ages. The website is also mobile-friendly, optimized to look wonderful on any device and be easily found by search engines.

The goal of this project was to create a website that has a clear structure and where visitors can find all the information they’re looking for quickly.

TeaBros Landing page

TeaBros is a small team of tea experts that provides high quality, unique and healthy tea products in Albania. Their products aim to promote overall health and vitality.

The eye-catching landing pages we’ve designed and developed have led to a significant increase in company turnover. In addition to creating an excellent first impression, these landing pages also provide useful information about ingredients and expected results.

Moreover, we have designed a custom online ordering system that enables customers to order their favorite tea products and have them delivered to their homes. The easy-to-use system will make sure that orders get processed quickly and accurately with the ability to track orders, manage and generate reports.

Individual Training by Evelyn Jossi – Presentation Website

Mrs Evelyn Jossi is a professional teacher who has worked with online courses for many years and has substantial experience in individual training. She organizes private lessons as well as online courses and supports students with: Probationary support, gymnasium preparation, support lessons, assignment help, dyscalculia therapy, dyslexia therapy.
We have developed the new website, fully responsive and pixel perfect for Mrs Evelyn Jossi, to connect interested parties to her individual courses.
One of the main goals in the development of this website has been achieving top performance and loading time. We’ve made sure you won’t lose any second waiting for it to load.

Kipro – The communication key for schools and families

KiPro is an application designed for the administration of childcare in Switzerland by creating an online communication channel between schools and families.

The KiPro platform is equipped with all the necessary functionalities for managing daycare centers, day parent organizations, and complementary schools efficiently.

KiPro software is organized based on tariff structures with a monthly flat rate or subsequent effective billing.

It offers many features, such as creating tariffs, offers, invoices, statistics, and additional information.

PlaySharper – Change Your Game!

Compete with the pros with a dynamic app with features that will take your game to the next level!

With PlaySharper, users can enhance their gaming experience with Sorare sports. The app assists players throughout their whole Sorare journey, whether they are beginners or professionals.

Predictions and all other kinds of useful data, news and statistics are available to all users on the PlaySharper app. The app also sends notifications whenever there is an update needed regarding any player or team line-up.

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